Space, water and people are the three elements of design. Not rigidly adhering to the restrictions of market conditions, its intention is beyond product design and bathroom. Pursue absolute freedom.


Starting from the source and building the first quality defense line, the company focuses on R & D and building a professional shower fashion bathroom brand with professional team, rigorous management and advanced equipment.

Advanced equipment and manufacturing technology have been introduced, and the product quality has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, reaching the domestic advanced level.


Advanced gravity casting technology is adopted. The faucet shell is formed by Italian IMR gravity casting and sand core molding equipment. The product has compact structure, compact casting, uniform crystallization thickness and smooth surface.


Advanced CNC (automatic machining center), multi-channel processing, one-time processing to ensure ultra-high machining precision and machining surface finish, and ensure the long-term sealing performance of products.


Skilled craftsmen are polishing the surface of products step by step with different levels of grinding wheels and grinding wheels to make the surface delicate and smooth. Dozens of processes are completed manually. The control of mirror effect not only reflects the strict technical standards, but also reflects the concept of pursuing excellent kerb quality.