How to choose shower for bathroom decoration?
  • Date:2022-05-26
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The quality of the shower can't be seen simply. Ask the seller about the material and service life of the switching valve core. Next, let's share how to choose shower for bathroom decoration.

Look at the spool
The valve core is like an important organ of the sprinkler head. The rotation, pressure and flow of the sprinkler are generally adjusted by the valve core. It indirectly affects the length of adoption
time and the comfort experience of adoption.
Valve core wants to buy ceramic valve core. It depends on the hardness of ceramic. If the valve core is not smooth and wear-resistant, don't buy it.

Look at the electrodeposited coating
As the toilet environment is relatively damp, the frequent use of shower heads may rust and involve aesthetics. However, there are great differences in chromium plating process for different pipe bodies. A good pipe body is made of all copper material. The surface layer should be polished, polished, dedusted, nickel plated, chromium plated and other treatment processes to ensure that it will not turn black, blister and fall off during use. Normally, from the surface layer of the shower, the brighter and more exquisite it can be seen with the naked eye, and the better the electroplating layer is processed.

See the water injection effect of the nozzle
It depends on whether the water from each hole is sprayed evenly by the sprinkler. For the sprinkler with good spraying effect, the water allocated to each hole position, even the smallest hole position, is generally balanced.

Look at the water injection method of the nozzle
Due to the difference of internal creation, there is also a certain distinction between the sprinkler head and water injection method of shower. The basic hand-held shower also has the functions of lasing and massage. A variety of sprinkler water injection methods can bring a deeper experience of shower.

Analyze the shower material to see which material is more durable


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